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Festival Pop'sciences

Festival Pop'sciences

RiverLy took part in the 2023 Pop'sciences Festival with 4 workshops:
- Climate in 2050
- Rain on the ground
- The invisible pollution of our rivers
- How can we protect our rivers from pesticides?

Fête de la science 2022

  • Feet in the water in 2050?

How can our research topics help us visualize "the aquatic world of 2050", particularly in light of climate change?
Will you be hot in 2050? How will climate affect water? How can we anticipate good adaptation solutions? Come and meet hydrologists, chemists and ecologists from INRAE... through workshops and fun tours. A journey along the water...

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Fête de la science 2021

  • What is a river ?

Is there always water in a river? What defines a river? Scientists from the RiverLy unit will share with you their way of seeing and studying the river. Whether you are a chemist, a hydrologist, a hydraulic engineer, an ecotoxicologist, an ecologist... the river can be seen from different angles. Come and discover how it works through workshops and fun visits. A journey along the water...

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Exhibition demain mais en mieux !

Organised as part of the Yggdrasil festival, an exhibition to find optimism about the future. The RiverLy unit came with its Zodiac, its field equipment (fishing nets, buoys, landing nets, test tubes, sieves, waders...) to present its work on rivers. They cohabited with the CNRS, the CEA, the Rotonde... Tomorrow's science is not necessarily high tech, it is also energy and resourcefulness (barbecue grill for passive samplers...). Read more

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